New Orleans 2016

News & Updates

Did you know you, yes YOU, could potentially provide the most valuable information at all of DrupalCon New Orleans?

Session Submissions for DrupalCon New Orleans are open, and we need you to send in sessions related to site building. A site building session was one of my best DrupalCon memories:

With core Drupal 8 now in full swing and the contrib space rapidly maturing, now is an excellent time to get more deeply involved with one of the world’s largest open-source development communities. The Coding and Development track is focused on educating developers on the latest techniques and tools for increasing the quality and efficacy of their projects.

With Drupal 8 proliferating out in the wild, now is a perfect time to get caught up on best-practices, trends, and experiments in the vast Front End world.

The Louisiana Drupal Community is proud to welcome you to our world class city! Drupal powers some of our finest universities, museums, restaurants, radio stations and some of America’s oldest establishments.

Since 2010 our local and dedicated group of Drupaleanians meet each month for support and to share and socialize.

Our Drupal Camps ( have grown in size and popularity over the last two years with attendees traveling from around the country to attend.