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According to the sustainability report from DrupalCon Lille 2023 by Terra Verde, transport accounted for 93.7% of the event's carbon footprint. 

While traveling is unavoidable, we are listing here some tips and recommendations that you may consider to reduce your environmental impact for DrupalCon Barcelona 2024.

At DrupalCon Lille 2023, the DrupalCon Europe organizers decided to embark on a new journey towards a more sustainable event. We joined forces with Terra Verde, a sustainability consultancy agency, to guide and support us along the way.
Several initiatives have been implemented to have a positive impact on our environment and enhance the experience of our participants. While this approach was far from easy, we are convinced that it is essential for the future of DrupalCon Europe, the industry, and, quite simply, our planet as we know it.

Get Ready for the Next Driesnote at DrupalCon Barcelona!

Recently at DrupalCon Portland 2024, Dries Buytaert announced a thrilling new project called Drupal Starshot. This initiative redefines the default version of Drupal by building in tools for easy installation and extensibility from the browser, right from the start.

We all know how awesome it is to launch a fresh, new website to the world. Why not share these wonderful success stories with the world?  

DrupalCon gives you that opportunity. Every year we put Drupal showcases from all over the world on the big screen before and after major sessions in the main auditorium. And we need your submission too! Send us your best project you’ve launched in 2023 or 2024 , and your website could be featured just before the Driesnote!

The Drupaljam organizers are excited to share something special that you might enjoy!
This year at Drupaljam’s Open Up, we've added an extra track featuring four sessions dedicated to open source, collaboration, and community. We aim to engage in discussions, share ideas, and learn together in an open setting hosted by 3-4 people, inviting all attendees to participate actively.

The sessions include:

Are you ready to show your artistic talent? Join our drawing contest and see your design featured at DrupalCon Barcelona 2024!

Our mascot, Mercè, draws inspiration from the vibrant lizard sculptures in Gaudí's Parc Güell, Barcelona. Just like Gaudí's iconic lizard symbolizes resilience and regeneration in nature, Mercè embodies the collaborative spirit and adaptability of the Drupal community. Get to know Mercè.

Still need a hotel for DrupalCon Portland? Don't worry, we have you covered!

The Drupal Association is happy to offer DrupalCon Portland attendees discounted rates at hotels within our official hotel block. Booking within our hotel block gets you the best rates available, the closest proximity to the convention center, and the chance to see fellow Drupalers at the ice machine on your floor!

Learn more and book now.

Birds of a Feather sessions are informal, small-group discussions where you’ll collaborate to solve problems, exchange information, share best practices, and build your network. 

Have a Birds of a Feather topic you'd like to host at DrupalCon Portland? Complete the form now! Submissions will be accepted until 15 April.

Do you know that the cool project you have been working on recently, on a sprint or just demoed to your coworkers, could be really awesome to also share with the Drupal community? Yes! That’s the spirit of Drupalcon!

Sharing discoveries, explorations, and even bad experiences so that we can learn collectively as an open community.

Creating a vibrant digital presence is paramount in today's interconnected world, where the difference between thriving and merely existing often lies in the quality of an organization's online experience. As we gear up for DrupalCon Barcelona, we are looking for speakers to help shape the future of digital experiences with Drupal, centering around the user as the core of every interaction.