A New Frontier for Drupal: Introducing Drupal Starshot

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Recently at DrupalCon Portland 2024, Dries Buytaert announced a thrilling new project called Drupal Starshot. This initiative redefines the default version of Drupal by building in tools for easy installation and extensibility from the browser, right from the start.

What Exactly is Drupal Starshot?Drupal Starshot

Drupal Starshot is an initiative to build the new default version of Drupal that would build on Drupal core and components to enable easy installation and extension. At the same time, it would come with various best practice features built-in. This effort seeks to simplify how we use and enjoy Drupal, aiming to make it accessible and exciting for everyone, especially those who are new to the platform.

The goal of Drupal Starshot is clear: to rejuvenate Drupal and make it significantly easier to use for ambitious site builders. This move is designed to strengthen Drupal’s position as a top choice for creating robust and innovative websites.

A Strategy for Everyone

A key focus of Drupal Starshot is to attract and motivate site builders young and old who may be new to the platform. By making the advanced functionality offered by Drupal significantly more accessible to use, , it aims to appeal to the next generation of users looking for dynamic and cutting-edge tools.

Get Involved

The Drupal community heard the call and is showing up to get involved in this transformative journey. 

The next Driesnote will take place at DrupalCon Barcelona 2024. It’s a perfect opportunity to continue the conversation. For more updates and community engagement, a new Drupal Starshot track is introduced providing a mix of deep dives into components of Drupal Starshot for those that want to be involved and information about what progress has been made since DrupalCon Portland 2024 for those interested to use the results.

Drupal Starshot is the start of an exciting new era for Drupal. As we move forward, it's a great time to dive in and help shape the future of this platform. Let’s make the most of this opportunity and push Drupal to new heights!

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