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After a successful launch last year, we are once again hosting the new DrupalCon tradition of the Women in Drupal Award together with JAKALA (formerly FFW). The award is intended to put the spotlight on everyone who have done outstanding projects in relation to Drupal. Whether they are a successful Drupal developer, they have turned their startup into a thriving business with the help of Drupal, or they have made a significant contribution to the Drupal community. 

Anyone who has been nominated can win the award. It is expressly desired that young talents who are still at the beginning of their careers are also nominated. Every nominee needs to be registered under 


Please take the chance to show, support and recognize an amazing community member – and nominate a digital changemaker or an outstanding talent for the categories:


  • Define 
    • Everyone who works on defining an innovative Drupal project should be nominated in this category. It can be a strategist or a designer. Founders or changemakers of course also belong to this category. 
  • Build
    • Builders and makers have their place here. It can be developers, architects or even HR specialists recruiting talents to build up an innovative Drupal agency. Community members who help build a thriving Drupal community can be nominated, too.  
  • Scale
    • Everyone involved in scaling platforms or businesses could be a candidate for the Scale award. It’s a category for developers as well as sales talents or consultants. 
Who can be nominated ?

Anyone* can be nominated for the Award. It is expressly desired that young talents who are still at the beginning of their careers are also nominated.
The winners of the Women in Drupal Award 2024 will be invited to the Jury in 2025.

* Please beware that nominees need to have a profile on 

Important dates
  • 13th of May, 2024: Applications open.
  • 2nd of August, 2024: Deadline to submit applications.
  • 8th of September, 2024: Award winners will be notified.
  • 24th of September, 2024: Award Ceremony.

The Women in Drupal Award will be presented at a festive ceremony on the 24th of  September in International Barcelona Convention Center, Barcelona.

Who makes the selection?

The Jury will consist of members of the Drupal Association , winners from last year and JAKALA:

Tiffany Farris
Tiffany Farris
Winner of Define category 2023
Marine Gandy
Winner of Build category 2023
Lenny Moskalyk
Lenny Moskalyk
Winner of Scale category 2023
Baddy Sonja Breidert
CEO and Co-Founder of 1xINTERNET & Board Chair at Drupal Association, Frankfurt
Kitt's photo
Kitt Ralkov
Head of HR & Experience EU, JAKALA