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DrupalCon Europe is bringing together a diverse community of individuals passionate about the Drupal platform. Drawing participants from around the world, the event serves as a nexus for users, developers, designers, and supporters to collaborate, share insights, and advance their expertise in Drupal. Through a dynamic mix of sessions, workshops, and networking opportunities, DrupalCon fosters innovation and strengthens the bonds within this thriving open-source community. 

Join us in shaping the future of the Drupal community by becoming a sponsor of DrupalCon Barcelona. As a sponsor, your company will have the unique opportunity to showcase its commitment to open-source collaboration, gain visibility, and contribute to the success of the event.  

Why becoming a Sponsor of DrupalCon Barcelona?

Our sponsorship packages are designed to benefit your business by:

  • Networking - Facilitating valuable connections within the Drupal community, creating opportunities for partnerships, collaborations, and lasting relationships. 
  • Lead Generation - Providing access to a diverse and engaged audience at DrupalCon, enhancing your ability to generate high-quality leads and potential business opportunities.
  • Attracting New Talent & Business Growth - Showcasing your company as a leader in the industry, attracting top talent, and promoting business expansion through increased visibility and credibility.
  • Community Support - Actively participating in DrupalCon demonstrates your commitment to corporate social responsibility and contributes to the development and sustainability of the open-source community.
  • Brand Awareness - Amplifying your brand globally through strategic placement and recognition throughout the event.
  • Learning and Sharing Success Stories: Engaging in knowledge-sharing sessions, gaining insights into successful Drupal implementations, and sharing your company's success stories to foster a culture of mutual learning and innovation.


Become a sponsor

Select one of our core sponsorship packages or a module sponsorship package that suits the best your organization.


Interested in becoming a sponsor? Fill out our sponsorship form to reserve your sponsorship or email for more information.

Sponsorship packages availabilities
Packages Availability

Rates listed 

are EXCLUDING Spanish VAT (21%)
CORE - Diamond 0/4 26'400.00 €
CORE - Platinum 0/5 13'200.00 €
CORE - Gold 8/8  7'800.00 €
CORE - Silver 11/12 4'800.00 €
MODULE - Conference T-shirt EXCLUSIVE 9'000.00 €
MODULE - Water Bottle EXCLUSIVE 6'500.00 €
MODULE - Power Up Corner EXCLUSIVE 6'000.00 €
MODULE - Scholarship UNLIMITED 5'000.00 €
MODULE - Branded Seats  EXCLUSIVE 4'800.00 €
MODULE - Lanyards SOLD OUT 4'800.00 €
MODULE  - Wellness Sponsor 1/1 4'800.00 €
MODULE - Lounge 1/1 4'200.00 €
MODULE - Opening Reception EXCLUSIVE 3'840.00 €
MODULE - Trivia Night 3/3 3'840.00 €
MODULE - Attendee Badges 1/1 4'200.00 €
MODULE - Contribution Room 1/2 3'200.00 €
MODULE - Lunch Symposium 3/3 (1 PER DAY) 3'000.00 €
MODULE - Speaker Preview Room EXCLUSIVE 3'000.00 €
MODULE - Contribution Day 3/4 2'500.00 €
MODULE - First-time Contributor Session  EXCLUSIVE 2'500.00 €
MODULE - Mentored Contributor Session  EXCLUSIVE 2'500.00 €
MODULE - Scheduled & promoted open
stage exhibition showcase
MODULE - Lead Retrieval FOR EXHIBITORS 500.00 €
MODULE - Mobile App Announcement 3/3  (1 PER DAY) 575.00 €
MODULE - Extend your Stand BASED ON AVAILABILITY 400.00 €/sqm