Building on the successes and challenges of the past year, the organizers of DrupalCon Barcelona 2024 are dedicated to delivering a more sustainable event with a positive impact for all. In continuation of our partnership with Terra Verde, we remain committed to advancing sustainability initiatives and creating lasting positive change.

“Sustainable tourism should not be considered a special form of tourism, rather all forms of tourism should strive to become more sustainable.” OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation & Development).

What we do towards the sustainability?

Our goal is to create a more sustainable and responsible conference, benefiting not only the environment but also making a positive impact on attendees and the event industry as a whole. To do so, we ensure the following:

  • As a venue, the CCIB Barcelona implements a wide range of sustainable solutions, ensuring attendees enjoy both comfort and accessibility while aligning with sustainability practices.
  • Our focus is on minimizing food waste throughout the event while providing vegetarian, organic, and locally sourced options.
  • Collaborating with local suppliers and partners.
  • Reducing the production of conference materials and printing.
    • Digitalizing wherever possible.
    • Opting for high-quality products and/or recyclable materials when digitalization is not feasible.
  • Engage sponsors and exhibitors in discussions on how they can contribute to our sustainability mission.
  • Calculate the conference's carbon footprint to optimize for upcoming DrupalCons Europe.
Join us on our mission towards sustainability
Plan your trip
Plan your trip

Choose eco-friendly travel methods like trains or carpooling.

Consider walking or biking to the venue to reduce emissions.

Support carbon offsetting initiatives.

Zero Waste
Toward Zero Waste

Avoid single-use plastics.

Bring your own water bottle.

Assist us in waste sorting efforts.

Download the Conference App instead of printing materials.


Take only what you can consume during coffee breaks and lunches.

Inform us of your dietary restrictions to help us plan catering quantities.

Return reusable containers (bottles, jars, etc.) to catering stations for reuse.

Mental Health

Take breaks between sessions to recharge.

Utilize provided relaxation areas for resting.

Join our massage sessions for added relaxation.

Connect with others to make the most of your time.


Be respectfull. Zero tolerance for sexism, racism, LGBTQ hate and other forms of discrimination.

Become a Volunteer and help us with organization. 

Contribute to the Drupal code.

Share your knowledge with local community.