Grants, Scholarships & Inclusion Funds

DrupalCon Barcelona 2024 promises an unforgettable and unique experience, and we're dedicated to making it accessible to everyone! We're excited to announce that applications for grants and scholarships are now open until 28 June. Don't miss your chance to join us for this incredible event.

About Grants, Scholarships & Inclusion Funds

We are committed to securing a thriving future for Drupal by promoting diversity and inclusivity within the global open-source community. In partnership with the Drupal Association, Kuoni Tumlare | Congress remains dedicated to supporting the Drupal community through grants and scholarships.

Before applying, please review the following information regarding fundings:

  • Each individual is limited to one (1) funding per calendar year.
  • Recipients who have received four (4) fundings in the past will not be eligible for one (1) year following their fourth award.
  • Individuals who have already received a free DrupalCon Barcelona ticket as a track chair, speaker, trainer, etc., are not eligible to receive another ticket as part of the funding benefits.

Available awards

Community Grants

Community grants aim to offer crucial support to valuable members of the Drupal community, enabling them to attend DrupalCon when financial barriers would otherwise prevent their participation. Priority is given to contributors who lack financial backing to attend global Drupal events. Furthermore, priority consideration is extended to those actively engaged in key initiatives such as the Event Organizers Working Group, Community Working Group, Contribution Mentors, Drupal Strategic Initiatives, Promote Drupal Initiative, and any other impactful roles within the Drupal community.

Community grants include: 

  • One (1) free ticket to DrupalCon 
  • €800 in travel stipend

Inclusion Scholarships Funds 

The inclusion funds program offers assistance to individuals from historically marginalized or oppressed groups within open-source communities, providing them with opportunities to attend tech events that they may otherwise be unable to afford. If you belong to any of the following communities and face financial challenges, we encourage you to apply:

  • Cisgender women
  • Transgender/non-binary people 
  • Intersex people
  • People of color
  • Immigrants/refugees
  • Disabled people

Inclusion scholarships include: 

  • One (1) free ticket to DrupalCon 
  • €1250 in travel stipend 

Historically oppressed communities are defined as those who have experienced and continue to experience harm because of global systems of oppression. 

We acknowledge the framework of intersectionality, which highlights that marginalized people are often affected by many areas of oppression simultaneously, often co-impacting. 

If you’d like to read more about Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion trends in open source, here are some great scholarly articles: 

Who makes the selection? 

Although the funds are managed by Kuoni Tumlare | Congress (JTB Viajes SPAIN, S.A), the award eligibility and recipients are determined by a global team of community members who make the selection. This team changes with each DrupalCon. 

When should I apply?

Apply for grants, scholarships, and inclusion funds from 21 May to 28 June to support your attendance.

What is required of recipients?

If you are chosen to participate, you will receive either full or partial funding based on your preferences and our overall budget allocation. 

In exchange, we ask that you:

  • Meet any deadlines set by our coordinators.
  • Follow any provided purchasing or reimbursement instructions.
  • Proactively communicate your travel needs, including whether or not you need a visa letter 

Please do not take acceptance of this award lightly and make sure you can attend before applying or accepting the award, as you will be spending community funds that could benefit others.


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“Community is a place where the connections felt in our hearts make themselves known in the bonds between people, and where the tuggings and pullings of those bonds keep opening our hearts.”  – PARKER J. PALMER