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Drupal and PHP: Two Parts of the Whole

Thanks to the release of Drupal 8, PHP and Drupal are forever more two sides of the same coin. DrupalCon Baltimore will have some specific tracks dedicated to all things Drupal, but we also think it is important to showcase the PHP side as well. After all, good developer practices are good regardless of the chosen outlet. These shared experiences and practices help us discover new tools, abilities, and ways of thinking.

The Raven Calls for UX and Content Strategy Submissions

Once upon a midnight dreary, while I coded weak and weary, poring over content theory, I asked myself “can users find what they are looking for?”

“Yes,” it told me, “yes.”  Startled, I was surprised to see a raven perched on my cubicle.

“UX.” The raven cawed, cackled and clenched its claws.  “Content.” He muttered only this and nothing more. And so began my journey to investigate user experience and develop content strategy that led me to call all UX practitioners and content strategists to DrupalCon Baltimore.  

DevOps:  The Philosophical Movement

As Gene Kim, American entrepreneur and founder of Tripwire, says, DevOps is “not yet a precise collection of practices, descriptive or prescriptive.”[1]  Similarly, as Drupal enters its own era of philosophical movement towards Drupal 8, what more fitting time to focus around how we can bridge the gap between Developers and Operations to further improve our DevOps workflows.

In the DevOps Track Description, we drew comparisons between Development and Operations being like Peanut Butter and Chocolate.  Some people might think this analogy is stretching the limits or just an easy way to justify having a bunch of Peanut Butter Cups on my desk but the correlation between Peanut Butter and Chocolate is the same sort of philosophical relationship we look for between Development and Operations teams.  This philosophical relationship is what we hope to explore during the DevOps track at DrupalCon Baltimore.

How are you building Drupal websites?

Drupal's site configuration interface and contributed modules have evolved greatly over the years. We want to hear all about your experience with helpful tools and successful techniques.

Do you or your organization have recommendations for a successful site build? Are you harnessing an awesome new contrib module that everyone should hear about? Did you find a great technique for creating incredible Drupal websites through the administrative interface?  Do you like crab cakes or Baltimore beer?  Me too!  

We want to hear about it all!  

Wanted: Explorers of Tech Horizons

The Horizons track at DrupalCon, as the name suggests, challenges us to explore what’s on the horizon of web- and internet-based technology, and how Drupal can enable software developers to pursue and meet these new challenges.

We asked around a bit and gathered a list of suggested topics—emerging or new technologies—that you as Drupal developers and agencies are creating solutions for and exploring as new market opportunities.

Built By Humans for Humans

Last spring DrupalCon North America in New Orleans was attended by 3,102 Drupal community members, in the fall 1,787 of you came to Dublin for DrupalCon Europe. That's a whole lot of human beings getting together to talk about the Drupal software, development processes, tools, business strategies, future directions and more. All of which are important. But, I want to talk about all of those human beings. What makes you tick?