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Level up your Drupal skills with our training courses, now available for sign-ups

Thirsty for Drupal knowledge? Want to dive deep into a topic and learn from the best in the field? Like to get hands-on with your learning material? We are excited to offer 10 full-day training classes at DrupalCon Baltimore that will turn you into a Drupal superhero. No matter if you are an absolute beginner or Drupal expert, our classes cover all experience levels.

Drupal Association Welcomes 17 Grant and Scholarship Recipients

Our community is made up of incredible members from across the globe who continue to grow the Drupal project and create communities. DrupalCon is a place where community leaders and key contributors come together to meet, learn, and collaborate. The Drupal Association's Grant and Scholarship Program makes attending possible for many community members who may not have been otherwise able to join us.  

Musings of a Business Track Lead

Before working on the Session Track description, I spent some time researching. There are lots of blog posts on the business of Drupal, plus surveys and articles - and, of course, what other Session Track committees have researched and put together.

What it seemed to come down to this year was our own unified experiences - and the first ever Drupal CEO survey that supports what we see and directs our topics.

Drupal and PHP: Two Parts of the Whole

Thanks to the release of Drupal 8, PHP and Drupal are forever more two sides of the same coin. DrupalCon Baltimore will have some specific tracks dedicated to all things Drupal, but we also think it is important to showcase the PHP side as well. After all, good developer practices are good regardless of the chosen outlet. These shared experiences and practices help us discover new tools, abilities, and ways of thinking.

The Raven Calls for UX and Content Strategy Submissions

Once upon a midnight dreary, while I coded weak and weary, poring over content theory, I asked myself “can users find what they are looking for?”

“Yes,” it told me, “yes.”  Startled, I was surprised to see a raven perched on my cubicle.

“UX.” The raven cawed, cackled and clenched its claws.  “Content.” He muttered only this and nothing more. And so began my journey to investigate user experience and develop content strategy that led me to call all UX practitioners and content strategists to DrupalCon Baltimore.  

DevOps:  The Philosophical Movement

As Gene Kim, American entrepreneur and founder of Tripwire, says, DevOps is “not yet a precise collection of practices, descriptive or prescriptive.”[1]  Similarly, as Drupal enters its own era of philosophical movement towards Drupal 8, what more fitting time to focus around how we can bridge the gap between Developers and Operations to further improve our DevOps workflows.

In the DevOps Track Description, we drew comparisons between Development and Operations being like Peanut Butter and Chocolate.  Some people might think this analogy is stretching the limits or just an easy way to justify having a bunch of Peanut Butter Cups on my desk but the correlation between Peanut Butter and Chocolate is the same sort of philosophical relationship we look for between Development and Operations teams.  This philosophical relationship is what we hope to explore during the DevOps track at DrupalCon Baltimore.