Speaker Resources

This page is a listing of the many resources available for speakers presenting at DrupalCon.

Speaker Presentation Templates

Speakers can download various formats of our branded slide decks from this folder.

If you choose not to use the branded slides, we request that you include the following slides in your presentation:

  • Title slide - this will be the main image on your youtube video of your session
  • Speaker slide - tell people how to follow you on social, and a little about you
  • Friday sprint reminder slide - help us promote contribution opportunities 
  • Feedback slide - don't forget to put a link to your session node so that people can give you their thoughts on your session

Media Resources

Technical Setup

Speakers are required to arrive at least 15 minutes early for setup. Speakers have access to the session rooms from prior to the first session of the day and also during the breaks. We encourage speakers wishing to present audio/video files or demos to store these files locally on your laptop, rather than relying on an internet connection, which can sometimes fail.

What to Bring

  • Your laptop with session slides in 16:9 aspect ratio
  • Please make sure you start with a title slide so our archive team can capture it!
  • USB flash/thumb drive with your session slides (just in case!)
  • Video adapter/dongle from your laptop to HDMI-female (only if your laptop does NOT have an HDMI output, see drawing)
  • Power for your laptop with a Type B plug
  • Optional: A slide advancer

What We'll Provide

  • Projector
  • Screen in 16:9 format
  • HDMI cable connected to projector
  • Podium Mic
  • Audience Mic on stand for Q&A (All sessions are recorded. To best capture please make sure the person asking the question speaks into the mic, and if they don’t speak into a mic repeat the question into the mic before answering it.)
  • Audio connection at podium for your laptop
  • If you are in a “panel” session room, the room will have a head table and table mic
  • Shared conference wifi
  • A member of our AV team to help make sure you're all set up

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there a special room for speakers to prepare to speak?
Yes! We are providing a speaker room for speakers to relax, grab a coffee, and mentally prepare to present.  The space will be open Tuesday and Wednesday 9am-5pm and Thursday 9am to 3pm.  This room number will be shared with speakers via email before the conference.  

Session recording
We record your session audio and slides and post the resulting video to your session node (generally within a few hours of delivery.) Your video will also be posted to the Drupal Association's YouTube channel. For details, view our Media Policy.

What permissions do I need to present?
Ensure you have explicit permission to share your company/client information, or at what level is appropriate to share. Proposing a session without permission is grounds for session cancelation.

In the rare event that someone disturbs your session, we recommend using the following steps to address them.

  • Address the person directly. You can say something like: “Excuse me. I understand you want to express something. There is a community discussion room where you can share your thoughts and opinion. I worked hard to share my presentation today so please let me continue. If you don’t, I’ll need to ask you to leave”.
  • If the person still will not stop disturbing your session, then call Rachel Friesen at 503-703-3250. You can find this number on the Information sheet found on your podium.
  • Note: If you have a room monitor present, they are also briefed on how to support you if there is a room disturbance.
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