Come Photograph DrupalCon Baltimore and Be a FamoUser

DrupalCon Asia started 2016 with a crushing abundance of selfies. There was no mercy for those on the sidelines; get involved or be ignored. However, there's a special few of us who are always there, yet never exactly engaged. We're a special breed of people, giving more of ourselves, to get more acclaim of those around us. We're open source photographers.

Then it's back across the Atlantic and up the Gulf of Mexico into New Orleans, for a jazzy DrupalCon New Orleans. Where, though Drupal 6 was put to rest, DC Asia's selfies stuck around. Shouldn't we all be allowed time to shine?

Yes! DrupalCon Dublin brought forth volunteers to bring even more of our Drupal community to the limelight. For all of us contribute meaningfully, whether code, testing, documentation or something esoteric. All of our community members deserve recognition.

So who's heeding the call to help photograph DrupalCon Baltimore and put down selfies and raise up our community members?

Join the DrupalCon Baltimore Photography Team

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Nitty Gritty, Little Details

  • Being a photographer is a volunteer role and no DrupalCon admissions ticket included.
  • Photographs taken should minimize alcohol's presence.
  • Community takes precedence over touristic imagery.
  • Hobby and professional photographers are welcome with a portfolio review.