Join in the discussion about the future of Drupal + Media

It's that time of year again when everyone starts getting excited about DrupalCon.  People are getting geared up to attend sessions, meet up with team members and clients, and let's not forget, load up on as much swag as possible.  But an important piece which often gets overlooked are the Summits that happen the Monday before the conference begins.  These events are happening again in Baltimore, and the Media and Publishing Summit is one you should consider attending.

Media has always been a weakness in Drupal.  Dries, Drupal’s founder and fearless leader, has long mentioned that he saw better media handling being critical to Drupal’s continued success and survival in the future.  Because of this, Dries announced at DrupalCon New Orleans that there would be an official Media Initiative to improve media handling in core.  At DrupalCon Baltimore, the Media and Publishing Summit will highlight what's new in Drupal for media and where the future is headed.

Here are the top agenda items of the day:

Update on Media initiate

Much of the work that is going to move into Drupal core already exists in the contrib workspace.  Modules like media_entity, entity_browsers, and entity_embed allow for a much better way to handle your media in drupal.  Creating, searching and attaching videos and files has become much easier and more intuitive in Drupal 8 than it was in past versions of Drupal. Dries will be giving an update on where these modules stand, what functionality is moving into core as a result of the Media Initiative, and what work still needs to be done.

Panel discussion

The Media and Publishing Summit will also feature a panel discussion that will include industry leaders discussing how they are using Drupal to enhance the digital experiences they provide.  They’ll discuss benefits, problems they’ve run into and the types of things they will need Drupal to be able to do.  You will be able to participate in the conversation which will allow you to use their experience to help improve your own site or brand.

Case studies

Specific case studies will give us all insight into how some of the biggest brands in the Media space have leveraged Drupal to create powerful media experiences for their users.

Future of digital media

Chuck Fishman, Director of Industry Marketing and Development at Acquia, will share trends in the Media industry and will discuss where these trends may go and what we may see in the industry in the future.  We will discuss how we may be able to position Drupal to be able to take advantage of these trends and remain relevant in the media space.

Round table discussions

We will also break out into smaller groups to discuss more targeted subjects.  We will have leaders from different parts of the industry head these discussions.  Sports and Entertainment, Print and Publishing, and Broadcast/Cable will be some of the sectors represented.  This will give you the ability to discuss issues and ideas that are more relevant to their specific aspect of the industry with your professional peers.


This will be an engaging day filled with great information from industry leading professionals, Drupal core media developers, and hopefully you!  Be sure to sign up for the Media and Publishing Summit and grab your tickets now!

Date: Monday, April 24th
Time: 11:30am-5:00pm (lunch and afternoon coffee included)
Cost: $199 advanced | $250 on-site

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