The Raven Calls for UX and Content Strategy Submissions

Once upon a midnight dreary, while I coded weak and weary, poring over content theory, I asked myself “can users find what they are looking for?”

“Yes,” it told me, “yes.”  Startled, I was surprised to see a raven perched on my cubicle.

“UX.” The raven cawed, cackled and clenched its claws.  “Content.” He muttered only this and nothing more. And so began my journey to investigate user experience and develop content strategy that led me to call all UX practitioners and content strategists to DrupalCon Baltimore.  

Join your colleagues in submitting a proposal to one of the most invaluable tracks at DrupalCon.

‘Cause what other track brings together two fascinating areas like UX & Content Strategy?

User Experience (UX) is the foundation of user web interactions and content strategy is the cement that fortifies the site architecture - it is the glue between the code and the message.

This track will address tools and techniques for understanding a user’s mindset, needs, pain points, and capabilities. Device and browser choice, offline interactions, culture, language, and familiarity with technology are just several aspects of human behavior that shape user experience with digital products.  

Successful content strategy prioritizes and leverages content that supports organizational business goals. It helps users have a positive experience and achieve their goals on a site. It’s inherent in all aspects of production - from strategy and content creation to design and development, site maintenance and efficient governance of live web products.

Spin your stories, refine your rhymes and submit your prose here.

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Michelle Jackson
UX and Content Strategy Track Chair
DrupalCon Baltimore