Ain’t No Body: Not Your Mama’s Headless Drupal


You’ve heard all the buzz about headless Drupal and seen the cute headless horseman icons, but have you built a disembodied Drupal-powered application?

Join us for a session exploring disembodied Drupal, also known as bodiless Drupal- an application that uses Drupal’s powerful framework to do things it does well while storing the actual domain data in a remote repository.

We will also explore applications that are both disembodied and headless - in which Drupal is the framework used to maintain data stored in a remote repository; and kiosk applications and other non-Drupal front ends leverage the stored data, whether via Drupal paths or otherwise.

We will share our experience- the what, why and how; discuss pain points and pitfalls, and hopefully entertain as well as enlighten you on our journey to leverage Drupal in this manner.

You will walk away with a new buzzword, a few new laugh lines, and some headless and disembodied Drupal tricks that you can leverage in your work.

This presentation will be more relevant for back-end developers of any skill level as well as project managers and business people. Disembodied Drupal is the introductory session for our pièce de résistance, “completely soul-less Drupal”, presentation details TBD.

Github repo with sample code:

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Drupal Showcase

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When & Where

Wednesday, 26 April, 2017 - 10:45 to 11:45
317 - Sucuri