Beyond the .Com: Drupal's new role in the Large Enterprise

Beyond The .Com: Drupal’s new role in the Large Enterprise

In order to continue to grow your career with Drupal, it’s important to understand where the digital, web design and development marketplace is going - and where Drupal fits into it.  Who better to explore in this endeavor than those organizations who are trying to solve for the most complex digital, IT and marketing challenges on a global scale: The Large Enterprise.  This session is less about Gartner rankings and CMS comparisons, and more about you gaining an understanding how Drupal now fits into a global organization’s product roadmap in 2017 and beyond. After all, it’s not just an ECMS anymore!

This session is tailored to technology and digital strategy enthusiasts who love to see and hear exciting new Drupal use cases through the eyes of organizations such as PricewaterhouseCoopers, Travelport, Georgia Institute of Technology, NCR and Rinnai.  We will explore the primary challenges that the Large Enterprise is using Drupal to solve for, including:

  • Why multi-billion dollar organizations consider Drupal the long-term, global platform to support CRM, Digital Asset Management and Product Inventory Management Systems and the skill sets they look for to support the platform

  • How to spot and distill important new Drupal case studies in the wild

  • A look into Drupal’s integration with Intelligent Personal Assistants

  • Drupal’s new role in the Electronic Vehicle ecosystem

  • How to use Drupal as the “Golden Hammer” to build consensus among IT, Marketing and the C-Suite

  • The new web functionality that is in the strongest demand across multiple verticals

About the Presenter

Josh Linard has been working in digital and the Large Enterprise since 1999.  Josh presents at conferences around the world, most recently as a featured guest at the Connections conference in New York City.  With his role as the Executive sponsor for Mediacurrent’s Large Enterprise clients, he works closely with Mediacurrent’s Digital Strategy, Design, Development and Project Management teams to uncover the major pain points in the marketplace and solve complex business problems for the world’s most recognizable brands. In the same vein as his abstract, you can learn more in Josh's talk on the 5 Problems Large Enterprise Orgs Face with Digital Transformation as part of Mediacurrent’s Friday 5 video series.



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Drupal 8 (future)

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04/25/2017 - 13:00 to 04/25/2017 - 14:00
309 - FFW