Beyond the Solr Eclipse - Building blazing fast Drupal 8 search with Solr and no code

  • Have you ever been disappointed by the relevancy of search results on your Drupal site?

  • Did you ever feel your Drupal’s core search is insanely slow?

  • Ever wondered how to scale search on Drupal to millions of queries per second and piles of data?

  • Ever felt the need of being able to search through the contents of file attachment through your site’s search?

Apachesolr has been the most popular search backend for Drupal since long. ApacheSolr Search module and Search API Solr module provided the two most popular options for integrating Solr with Drupal. The two modules have now joined forces in D8 to become the highly powerful Search API Solr module for Drupal 8!

In this session for Site Builders, we discuss Apachesolr - an open source search platform that can be easily integrated with Drupal 8.

We won’t be writing any code (yeah, not even a line) and you will be amazed to learn all that you can achieve using the suite of Solr modules to build a blazing fast search for your Drupal website without any coding!

This session will give a rundown of building an advanced search system using Search API suite of Solr Modules. We will cover the following, showing live demonstrations of the required configuration.

  • What Apache Solr is and why you should consider using it?

  • Setting up a solr server yourself vs Hosted options available

  • Installing and configuring the Search API Solr module

  • Understanding the index and the indexing process

  • Using the contributed Facets module: We will demonstrate live building some commonly used facets

  • Autocomplete functionality for your search

  • Fuzzy search: Dealing with spelling mistakes and variations

  • ‘Did you mean…’ suggestions for synonyms and close keywords

  • Tuning search results using bias to influence result relevancy

  • Preprocessing search results using stopwords, highlight, tokenizer

  • Indexing and searching of attachments

  • Build views that run on Solr

We will also discuss some additional contrib modules available in the Search API ecosystem that you can plug and play very easily. 

This session is aimed at Site Builders who are familiar with installing and configuring modules. Familiarity with coding is not expected and we will not be writing any code throughout the session. No prior knowledge of the Search API or related modules is required.


Site Building Videos from the session are  available at

Session Track

Site Building

Experience level


Drupal Version

Drupal 8 (current)

Session Time Slot(s)

04/26/2017 - 12:00 to 04/26/2017 - 13:00
316 - Phase2