Change prospects’ perceptions by Productizing your services

While Drupal adoption is growing across SME enterprises, the chances of smaller Drupal shops to win business is low. Then how do you grow your business? To get more business one either execute a "Sell to" model (i.e. get pieces of projects from larger Drupal shops) or "Sell with" model (i.e. partner with hosting providers). There is also a third way "Productize your services" i.e. choose 2 or 3 verticals. It is a way to differentiate and be credible. This is especially required if you are selling into a geography where you don't operate. Don't offer more Services, offer better ones. By creating productized services you are attempting to change your prospects' / customers' perception of your company. 

Create offerings which are packaged on top of Drupal e.g. in Healthcare domain, create a Patient assessment workflow which can be sold to Hospitals and large Healthcare centers. Or in a Publishing domain, create a Multi-App / Multi-site framework with basic workflows. You should also contribute back to the community with niche distros. This helps in creating a mindshare and acquiring new business.

Creating these offerings is not easy, for that matter scaling business is never easy :) Following points need to be considered while creating Productized services (will be talking in detail):

  • What is required to carve out Productized services?
  • How can it be structured?
  • Can you put a price to it?
  • How can you market these Productized services?

Attend this session to learn how to productize your services and change the perception of prospects' / customers'. Wouldn’t you refine your business -- and make more money instead! You may get ideas on how to choose specific verticals based on your current / past experience and scale your business.


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04/25/2017 - 14:15 to 04/25/2017 - 14:45
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