Content Strategy and relation to UX Design.


Content means 'king', and Content strategy is to create the strategy or plan for the king to survive and User Experience is basically everything that user feels or thinks when we are interacting digitally, physically with a product.

Content Strategy and User Experience has similar roles if we look from a broader spectrum but when we start looking at both they conflict at the execution level. The execution is design and the process around designing the product (digital or non-digital). Content strategy battles with design teams are around the amount of content, and flow of content. But design teams keep pushing for less content or no content and more imagery. These battles are genuine if we look from the purpose of teams. The content team wants them to be heard and the design team wants to be felt. But there is a balance that needs to be kept and if not, the product is doomed to fail at content or design level.

Working together, combining skillset and expertise of content strategists and Usability experts won't just solve the problem but will improve overall product health because to maintain a relation between content strategy and user experience we have to be on the same page and follow certain principles.

Learning Objectives

In this session we will learn about:

  • What Exactly Is Content Strategy?
    Core strategy
  • what user stories are and ¬†how to map user flows.
  • How Does Content Strategy Relate to UX Design
  • How Can Content Strategy Benefit From UX.
    Clarity and Readability
    Better Information Architecture
    Focus on the user
    Conversion Optimization
  • The difference between templates and content types.
  • How to prototype with proto-content (and why).
  • How to user test your content.

Target Audience

Anyone having knowledge of User Experience and Knows Basics of Content Strategy can attend the session.

Session Track

UX/Content Strategy

Experience Level


Drupal Version

When & Where

Wednesday, 26 April, 2017 - 14:15 to 14:45
308 - Pantheon