In Defense of Fear: The Musings of a Serial Over Thinker

This talk will explore people's instinct to retreat from fear, and challenge attendees to instead embrace, even enjoy their fears. We will discuss fear's positive effects—especially when it comes to motivation—when understood and accepted with a clear mind. In this talk Joe will share some personal accounts, as well as his own struggles with: impostor syndrome, a fear of success, and procrastination. Sharing how his experience in becoming friends with his fears has positively impacted his career and personal life/relationships, making him a better & more empathetic person.

With the goal of presenting an alternate perspective of how we perceive fear, this talk will provide support to those who feel ashamed to admit they are afraid; encouraging them to, instead, wear their fear as a badge of honor, and consider why consciously running toward their fears can be of great benefit.

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Being Human

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04/26/2017 - 14:45 to 04/26/2017 - 15:15
Community Stage - Exhibit Hall