Extending your application to the edge: best practices for using a CDN


In this talk, we'll discuss caching strategies when using CDNs. More specifically, we'll cover caching long tail content, caching fast-changing content, invalidation, stale and error conditions, and best ways to interact with a CDN when it comes to cached content. We'll use real-world examples to showcase new ways of using a CDN as a platform that extends applications to the network edge. We'll also discuss other values that a CDN provides and examine best practices for getting the most visibility and control over application traffic

  • What level of knowledge should attendees have before walking into your session?
    • Beginner
  • What will your session accomplish and what will attendees walk away having learned?
    • The basics of CDN and the different values a CDN provides.

Session Track

Drupal Showcase

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Drupal Version

When & Where

Thursday, 27 April, 2017 - 13:00 to 14:00
317 - Sucuri