Magento and Drupal fall in love: A new way to approach contextual commerce at enterprise scale

In 2016 Quicken found itself in a bind: They were being spun out of Intuit and had to migrate their cart away from Intuit’s installation of ATG, an aging, hard to update ecommerce platform. Already on Drupal, Quicken turned to another PHP open source platform to power their high-volume ecommerce needs: Magento 2.

Using this case study and our many other Drupal and Magento integration projects we will share everything you need to know to successfully combine these two marketing-leading systems into a killer digital experience platform.

More specifically, we will go over technical best practices for combining Drupal and Magento, share our integration approach decision matrix (side-by-side or headless, oh my!) so you can make the right call given your circumstances, discuss how to make it scale at the enterprise level, and review how to ensure outages don’t impact orders with a tool called the conductor (choo choo, all aboard, train emoji, etc).

We will also share lessons from our strategy team on how to use instrumentation and a proper contextual commerce content strategy to improve the lead funnel and cart conversion on your own projects with this bleeding edge platform.

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Coding and Development

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Drupal Version

Drupal 7

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04/25/2017 - 14:45 to 04/25/2017 - 15:15
309 - FFW