Why Symfony, Magento and eZ Systems launched their cloud services in 2016, and why you should be using a PaaS too.

Session Overview

These are some big name global software vendors that changed their business models last year, and launched their software offerings in the cloud. They did this for competitive advantage, to save costs and reduce their pricing to you the customer, and offer you a far better service. Come and hear what they have to say about the Platform.sh PaaS that enabled these new offerings, and also why all these same benefits apply to you as a digital agency, an organisation, or a single developer.


Fabien Potencier, CEO, SensioLabs

Peter Sheldon, VP Strategy, Magento Commerce

Roland Benedetti, Chief Product & Marketing Officer, eZ Systems

Kieron Sambrook-Smith, Chief Commercial Officer, Platform.sh

Who should attend

  • We would expect CTO's and lead developers, product owners and project managers, as well as the infrastructure team to attend¬†
  • Senior management from Symfony, Magento, eZ Systems and Platform.sh will talk to you about the developer workflow experience that thousands of their customers are now benefitting from, instant time-to-market for new features, awesome price/performance and the best uptime in the industry, the combination of which is truly game changing.


Session Track

Drupal Showcase

Experience level


Drupal Version

Drupal 8 (future)

Session Time Slot(s)

04/26/2017 - 13:00 to 04/26/2017 - 14:00
317 - Sucuri