SOLD OUT - Mastering Drupal 8 Development



Although this training is sold out at DrupalCon, you can sign up here for additional training opportunities. Use the promo code DrupalCon to get a discount of $100 in your training registration (expires 04/29).

This training will provide an introduction to the most important changes for developers in Drupal 8, allowing students to practice Drupal OOP while at the same time providing a solid knowledge of the process of build modules for Drupal 8.

During the workshop, students will create a custom module and other components by using various APIs, plugins, and hooks.

By the end of the training, students will have a better understanding of Drupal 8 and how the introduction of Symfony components change the way modules should be written.


Experience level: 
Training Company: 
Learning Objectives: 
  • Understanding the basic concepts and new best practices included in Drupal 8 module development process.
  • Learning the basic tools that can be used to create Drupal 8 modules including a code editor and Drupal Console. 
  • Mastering the fundamentals of the HTTP request/response lifecycle.
  • Understanding the new Drupal subsystems
  • Mastering the new development workflow using Composer
  • Install Drupal 8
  • Using Composer to manage project dependencies.
  • Creating a custom Module
  • Creating a custom Page Including Route and Controller
  • Rendering a Twig Template
  • Creating a Config Form Integrated with Configuration Management
  • Creating a Block (Plugin)
  • Creating a Service
  • Debugging available Services in Drupal 8
  • Using dependency injection in custom Modules 
  • Create an event subscriber
  • Overriding settings and configurations.
  • Managing configuration changes through the CLI.
  • Using Git to manage code and configuration changes.
Who Will Gain the Most From This Training?: 

Any PHP developer with or without experience in Drupal, regardless of his seniority, will learn how to take advance of their background to create Drupal 8 applications in a faster and efficient way.

Prerequisites for this Course: 
  • Previous PHP coding experience.
  • OOP experience would be desired, but not mandatory.
  • Comfortable working with CLI tools.
Drupal Version: 
Drupal 8 (current)
Dev Environments: 
We highly recommend download and configure a Virtual Machine using the project, this project provides a full environment with all tools preconfigured to be used in this training.
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