Training Spotlight: Drupal 8 Theming

With the Drupal 8 release just around the corner, now is the time to learn about the major changes it will bring for themers. For example, TWIG will be the default theme engine and thus you need to be familiar with its templating syntax. Other new hot features worth exploring are YAML config files, breakpoints, library management etc. Join this class and learn all you need to know to create your own theme in Drupal 8.

In order to understand how the theming layer works, we will build our own theme on a fresh Drupal 8 installation. Students will be able to practice and test every aspect of theming: how to declare a theme, add CSS/JS, load libraries, understand configuration exportables, leverage the new CSS architecture, and more.

This course will alternate between lecture and hands-on training, giving students ample time to test their own theme and to get all their questions answered over the course of the day.

Meet the Trainer from Trained People

  • Romain Jarraud (romainj), CTO at Trained People

Romain Jarraud has been a professional Drupal trainer for 5 years. He develops and teaches courses on Site-building, Theming, Module Development, Security & Performance and Deployment. His trainings are used by a variety of clients including web agencies, government institutions and freelancers. Romain has also presented at other Drupal events like DrupalCamps and Drupal Dev Days in Europe.

Attend this Drupal Training

This training will be held on Monday, 21 September from 09:00-17:00 at the Barcelona International Convention Center. The cost of attending this training is €500 + VAT and includes coffee and pastries before the training, lunch and coffee breaks. A DrupalCon ticket is not required to register to attend this event.

Our training courses are designed to be small enough to provide attendees plenty of one-on-one time with the instructors. However, each training course must meet a minimum number of attendees by 14 August in order for the course to take place. You can help ensure your training course takes place by registering before this date and reminding friends and colleagues to attend.

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