For Builders

Photo by Michael Cannon

DrupalCon offers the latest in Drupal development for site builders and developers. Content is curated for those who build Drupal sites, from discovery to deployment—developer, designer, project manager, site builder, team lead, or small shop hybrid of all this.

Topics such as UX, DevOps, Drupal Core, front/back end development, Drupal 9 and more are covered; these are just a sampling of the timely offerings: 


SUMMITS - on Monday & Tuesday, with separate registration

  • Performance & Scaling Summit: Prevent slow page loads and disastrous outages; learn the latest tools and techniques across the full stack to create fast, scalable Drupal applications.
  • Security Summit: Led by members of the Drupal Security Team, this aims to connect you with other Drupal users who actively work on making their sites safer; to learn from each other about best practices; to look at new trends; and to generate ideas. 
  • Decoupled Summit: For those interested in building API-driven Drupal backed sites and applications to learn preferred practices, planning and implementation advice, and see case studies from existing sites. 

TRAININGS - on Monday & Tuesday, with separate registration