Drupal and PHP: Two Parts of the Whole

Thanks to the release of Drupal 8, PHP and Drupal are forever more two sides of the same coin. DrupalCon Baltimore will have some specific tracks dedicated to all things Drupal, but we also think it is important to showcase the PHP side as well. After all, good developer practices are good regardless of the chosen outlet. These shared experiences and practices help us discover new tools, abilities, and ways of thinking.

The PHP track is looking for intermediate to advanced sessions relating to PHP development or software development as a whole rather than unique to Drupal. Concepts and techniques discussed here can and should reference Drupal use cases where applicable, but sessions should be approachable for any PHP developer.

We are seeking sessions which align with the following topics:

  • PHP 7 / Strict Typing / New Features/ Upgrading (compatibility)
  • Modern PHP Techniques (Object-Oriented Programming, Functional Programming, SPL, Advanced Array Manipulation., etc.)
  • Asynchronous programming
  • Automated testing
  • Building from cross-project components (Composer,etc.)
  • Web services / REST / Guzzle
  • Web security best practices
  • Debugging PHP
  • Code quality tools, practices, and methodologies
  • Software architecture patterns and techniques
  • Interoperability and integrations between Drupal and other PHP projects

We would love to see your submissions and hope that you will take the time to share your knowledge.


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Heather White
PHP Track Co-Chair
DrupalCon Baltimore