Supercharge your next web app with Electron


With the future of CMS’ looking more and more decoupled, complex user interactions on the desktop have been slowly eeking away from complex web apps crowding user's already cluttered browsers and tabs. A select few have now begun to transition into sleek and incredibly powerful cross platform “native” node.js/browser applications through Chromium powered shell frameworks like GitHub’s Electron.

In this electrifying session, learn all about...
  • Who uses it?: Learn how companies like Github, Slack, and Microsoft are moving back toward the desktop for power users and better command of toolbars and advanced notifications to build their next-gen native apps using web technologies for the desktop.

  • Making it: Learn how simple it is to create your own cross platform native Electron desktop app with just a few commands, then see how to quickly build and package your app for PC, Mac, and Linux!

  • Integrate it: See how using simple Drupal ReSTful API’s and web standard stylesheets and frameworks, you can create a dynamic and offline capable Node.js and Drupal backed application to suit your needs, with a power and flexibility far beyond normal web apps.

  • Know when to use it: A desktop application isn’t right for every project. Web APIs are becoming more capable all the time and have the ability to parity a swath of low level functionality available to an Electron application with few of the downsides. Know the full power of low level file system access and the ability to include and execute low level compiled executables to take data/image processing to the next level.

  • Security, sandboxing, and squirrels: You’ve got a desktop app, now what? Learn what it takes to keep users updated, get error reports, and how to keep safe when making calls from an application with low level access to user hardware.

In conclusion, the session will cover a few more real world implementations, and any high level questions from the crowd. We hope to leave attendees inspired to dip their toes into relatively new field of hybrid Node.js/browser applications and add another proven and professional grade tool the palette of options available when deciding how to implement their next big project.


Final slides for this session here.

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Wednesday, 26 April, 2017 - 17:00 to 18:00