We are excited to offer training courses at DrupalCon Baltimore. We are currently accepting training proposals and will annouce our training line-up on February 27, 2017.

All trainings will be held on Monday, April 24, 2017 from 9:00am-5:00pm. Trainings are not included in a regular DrupalCon ticket. Training tickets include lunch and coffee breaks.


Are you new to Drupal and to DrupalCon?

If you are, the Absolute Beginner's Guide to Drupal is the class for you.

This class will get you up-and-running with Drupal so that you are fully prepared for your week at DrupalCon.

You'll learn all of the key concepts you need to understand, navigate and use a Drupal site. You'll learn how to build a Drupal 8 site, from content and user organization, to working with modules and themes.

Drupal Version: Drupal 8.1.x

Drupal is a powerful tool for managing structured content. Many Drupal projects revolve around producing, displaying and organizing content effectively. This course will walk you through the process of creating a content strategy for your next Drupal project, and planning out how that content will be structured in Drupal. Whether you're creating a brand new site or migrating to Drupal, you'll learn techniques that will help you build a solid content strategy and a successful Drupal website.

    Drupal Version: Drupal 8.x

    What magic happens between the start of a D8 request and the page being returned? How do routes and controllers fit in? Where are services useful and how are they built?

    These questions are at the "foundation" of the D8 architecture and of the Symfony framework itself. In this workshop, you'll get an intro into routes, controllers, services and events: the 4 concepts that most fundamentally drive the new Drupal. With these new tricks, we'll pull apart the layers of Drupal to see how things actually work. And ultimately, we'll uncover that it's really not all that complicated.

    Drupal Version: Drupal 8.1.x

    Themes combine HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Drupal in order to make beautiful websites. Creating truly unique themes requires knowing how to use the Twig template language to manipulate HTML, how to add CSS and JavaScript assets in a way that's compatible with Drupal's caching, all while maintaining the flexibility that Drupal is known for.

    Whether you’re creating an entirely new theme from scratch, or making nips and tucks to an existing design, understanding how Drupal’s theme system works, or having someone on your team who does, is essential.

    Drupal Version: Drupal 8.x


    Open Source Drupal Development is a specialty and so is Drupal Project Management. What can you do to ensure your next Drupal project is a huge success for your organizaton? 

    Join senior FFW staff as they share their experience working with some of the largest and most complex projects ever built and help you understand and implement best practices at every stage of your project.

    Drupal Version: Drupal 8.x

    Each iteration of Drupal introduces new and exciting ways to manage content.  However, the display of content is even more important along with the knowledge of how to convert a design to a theme.  While we have all read about, watched and even worked with Twig to create new themes in Drupal 8, the way we work with Twig has changed.

    Drupal Version: Drupal 8.x

    Module development for Drupal is more powerful than ever with Drupal 8. Object-orientation, the maturity of Drupal's various APIs, Drupal 8's new underlying Symfony (and other) components, and the emergence of Drupal Console means that developing for Drupal 8 requires some new knowledge for existing Drupal developers. This workshop is designed to introduce existing Drupal developers as well as (non-Drupal) PHP developers to some of the techniques and concepts for Drupal 8 module development.

    Drupal Version: Drupal 8.x

    This training will provide an introduction to the most important changes for developers in Drupal 8, allowing students to practice Drupal OOP while at the same time providing a solid knowledge of the process of build modules for Drupal 8.

    During the workshop, students will create a custom module and other components by using various APIs, plugins, and hooks.

    By the end of the training, students will have a better understanding of Drupal 8 and how the introduction of Symfony components change the way modules should be written.

    Drupal Version: Drupal 8.x


    Do you want to manage content in Drupal but use something else to build your UI? This is the class for you.

    We know Drupal is an amazing platform for making websites, but did you know it’s also a world-class content API that can easily be integrated with other technologies? In this class you’ll learn how to combine Drupal with React, a declarative, component based UI JavaScript framework, via a Waterwheel, an SDK for working with Drupal from JavaScript, to build a simple yet elegant UI.

    Drupal Version: Drupal 8.x

    If you are tired of wasting time tweaking servers, testing modules, or remembering how to get Drupal working properly on a new system, then this is the training for you. Our hands-on workshop is a crash course on optimizing your workflow, using techniques that have been refined over years of professional Drupal work. We share our preferred development setup (including a Vagrant project that we’ll use to build a copy of our environment) and show you how to automate tests, deployments, and other tasks with Jenkins and Probo.CI.

    Drupal Version: N/A


    The Acquia Certification Program is offering a live test center to earn your credentials while you are at DrupalCon. Testing during DrupalCon makes you eligible for a free retake if needed. Tests will be given from Monday, April 24 - Thursday, April 27. For more information and to pre-register for your test, go to

    Drupal Version: Drupal 8.1.x