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DrupalCon attendees can enjoy their visit to Barcelona taking a walk around some of the many 

Mobile device usage is surging as people use them to read content, shop online, and find information on the go. Users are proven to be happier and more willing to spend time and money on your site when it loads fast and responds quickly to their actions. Adding performance to the ever-growing list of project responsibilities can seem daunting, but it doesn't have to be.

In this full-day training, we will address every step in the process of improving frontend performance: auditing a site for problems, creating an effective solution, testing sites to ensure that the work was successful, and implementing automation tools that prevent regressions from creeping back into the codebase. Additionally, we will offer tools and suggestions to help your organization adopt a culture of performance, boosting its visibility in discussions and allowing your team to expose performance problems earlier in the development cycle, long before launch.

Brush up on your DevOps knowledge with Zivtech’s Drupal DevOps training session. Whether you’re new to DevOps, or need a refresher course, trainers Jody Hamilton and Howard Tyson will show you valuable techniques for improving your workflow, specifically tailored to Drupal development.

DevOps is a movement to make teams as efficient as possible through a new or renewed emphasis on culture, automation, measurement and sharing. Over the years, Zivtech has developed and integrated lots of great tools for automating their Drupal development workflow. Find out first hand which techniques and tools are right for you to transform the way you work.

After four years in the making, Drupal 8 is right around the corner and Dries’ Retrospective at DrupalCon Barcelona will be dedicated to looking back at what we did and how we did it. With countless new features and improvements, getting Drupal 8 ready for release has been a huge community effort, and in his session, Dries would like to highlight feedback about the process in his Core Conversations talk.

What do the businesses in the Drupal community need to do to survive and grow in the next three years?

Drupal 8 will attract a new wave of agencies to compete in the market, and will also enable Drupal businesses to compete at a higher level. A time of big change and competition is coming, and it will no longer be enough just to say you 'do Drupal' and then sit back and watch sales roll in.