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Each DrupalCon is filled with inspiration, networking, and fun — and while cutting-edge sessions are plentiful, sprints are the heart of the conference. A sprint is a get-together for focused work on a project, and a fantastic opportunity to make contributions to Drupal.

Even if you are not giving a session or leading a BoF ("birds of a feather" event) at DrupalCon, there is plenty of opportunity to give back and make a difference when you attend the sprints. There will be extended sprints taking place between 19-27 September, but the main sprint day is Friday 25 September.

Flickr photo: Boris BaldingerDrupal is a lot of things. It’s a platform, a CMS, software, and code. But here’s what Drupal is most of all: community.

That’s why DrupalCon has had community content baked in, first as a stand alone track across the entire event, then as a summit on the Monday of the Con. Now, we’re ready to double down on community starting at DrupalCon Barcelona. Together with Drupal’s Community Working Group, we’ve taken your feedback and devised a brand-new approach to community at the Cons.

For us, DrupalCon is the most fun time of the year. There’s nothing better than getting together with our friends, colleagues, and community to work and celebrate together.

While the sessions, BOFs, and other work-focused moments are indelibly important, the bonds we build and the friendships we make are just as critical to the continued growth and success of the project. That’s why we'd like to invite you out to Trivia Night, sponsored again by Consult and Design.

With the Drupal 8 release just around the corner, now is the time to learn about the major changes it will bring for themers. For example, TWIG will be the default theme engine and thus you need to be familiar with its templating syntax. Other new hot features worth exploring are YAML config files, breakpoints, library management etc. Join this class and learn all you need to know to create your own theme in Drupal 8.

Drupal 8 is the talk of the town and hopefully by Barcelona time, it can be the headliner. But with all of the excitement, there will also be changes that come with the new release. Drupal developers have grown used to using hooks throughout Drupal's history, but ‘times are changing’ as Joe Shindelar (eojthebrave) notes in his session about the new patterns Drupalistas will need to learn to make Drupal 8 work.