Health & Safety Policies | DrupalCon Pittsburgh 2023

Covid-19 Policy

DrupalCon Pittsburgh 2023 will be primarily in-person at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center from 5 - 8 June, 2023. 

DrupalCon is a global event that takes the safety of its exhibitors, sponsors, partners, speakers, volunteers, and participants very seriously. As the situation with COVID-19 has evolved tremendously over the last 3 years, we continue to prioritize the needs of those most vulnerable in our community. 

In light of the end of the state of emergency in the United States, many people will lose access to vital resources related to their healthcare, so it is even more necessary that we protect our community. We will update this page if changes arise. 

It is core to our values and to the DrupalCon Code of Conduct to ensure that we are an equitable and accessible organization that seeks to reduce harm. We will abide by local ordinances and will implement additional safety measures for the health of our community. Our health & safety policies are designed with those most vulnerable in our community at the center. While we believe in people taking individual responsibility for their own health, in the context of a community gathering our individual choices have community impact. 

Disclaimer: The Drupal Association is not the organizer for off-site social events or community meet-ups during the week of DrupalCon with the exception of Trivia Night. We are not able to enforce our COVID-19 safety policies at social events which we do not organize, so please use your best judgment when attending. We highly encourage you to mitigate the risk of infection at social events by masking at indoor social events, socially distancing when unmasked, and testing frequently. 

Our safety policies do not conflict with the requirements of our venue. Exhibitors, sponsors, partners, speakers, and participants should be aware of the following policies: 

Attendance Considerations

Individuals should not attend the event if they are COVID-positive, are exhibiting COVID symptoms (as defined by the CDC), or have been exposed, within 10 days before the event, to someone who was COVID-positive or showed COVID symptoms. DrupalCon will issue a refund to anyone fitting these criteria. 

It is highly encouraged that you limit your activities prior to attending DrupalCon Pittsburgh and test regularly to ensure you are not traveling with COVID-19. If you feel sick at any point during the conference, please remain in your hotel room and conduct a rapid test. 

Mask Requirement 

Face coverings will be required at all times when indoors at all DrupalCon events and must fully cover the mouth and nose. Masks may be removed only in designated areas for eating and drinking, and it is highly recommended that participants spread out when sharing meals or find outdoor space. The DLCC has several beautiful outdoor areas that are great spots for lunch and relaxation. 

If you arrive at registration without a mask, one will be provided for you. Additional masks will always be available at the registration desk for the duration of the conference. If you do not adhere to the mask requirement during the conference, DrupalCon staff may approach and ask you to do so. We are more than happy to provide you a mask at any time if you do not have one. If you are unwilling to adhere to the mask requirement, you may be subject to the DrupalCon Code of Conduct conflict resolution process at the discretion of DrupalCon Staff. 


The Drupal Association will not require proof of vaccination or negative testing in order to attend DrupalCon Pittsburgh. However, it is highly encouraged to test before your travel, upon arrival, and each day you are in attendance at the conference. Rapid tests will be available for all attendees at registration upon request. Please visit the Allegheny County COVID-19 Testing Locator for a list of testing sites in and around Pittsburgh. If you are not feeling well, please stay in your hotel room and test before arriving at the DLCC. 


Anyone traveling to the event should read and abide by the CDC’s Travel Guidelines for domestic and international travel listed here. In addition, we highly encourage you to respect fellow participants and do everything possible to ensure a conference environment that is as safe as possible, regardless of private or regional mandates. This may include masking on flights, trains, and in ride-shares. 

If traveling internationally, please click here as there may be a requirement for proof of a negative COVID-19 test or recovery from COVID-19 for some regions.

Thank you so much for helping us keep everyone at DrupalCon North America safe and healthy. If you have any questions about this policy, or have any additional safety measures we can take to ensure a safe environment feel free to reach out to Von at