Photo policy

DrupalCon is a fun and visual event and we love to share it with the world via pictures and video. What makes pictures and video interesting? People! We also know that not everyone wants to be photographed. You will likely see a staff member or someone who works with us taking pictures and/or video at the event. When possible — for example when photographing a person or small group — we will get verbal permissions from those being photographed. When photographing larger settings like the keynotes or exhibit floor, it may be difficult or impossible to get everyone’s permission.

We will do our very best to be respectful of every attendee’s wishes. We also encourage attendees to take and share their own photographs as long as the rules are being followed: 

  • If you see someone wearing an orange lanyard, do not photograph them. Simple!

  • If someone asks not to be photographed, please stop photographing them and don’t attempt to do it again.

  • Photography/video recording should not be done in a way that is deliberately hidden from the subjects being photographed/recorded.

  • Those taking photographs and/or video must adhere to the event Code of Conduct.

  • If you are being photographed against your will, please email at with the relevant details so that we may intervene.


Check out the official DrupalCon Pittsburgh 2023 Flickr feed.