Volunteer Opportunities at DrupalCon

We are now recruiting community members interested in contributing to Drupal by serving as event volunteers for DrupalCon Portland 2024 - where the people who make amazing digital experiences possible come together to make them even better. Please note that folks who volunteer a minimum of 8 hours will receive a complimentary ticket!

Due to the volume of applications, you may not receive communication if you are not assigned a volunteer role.

Opportunity Description Time Commitment
Speaker Review Committee FILLED The Speakers Review Committee supports developing the DrupalCon program emphasizing the participant experience. The development of the program will include a combination of an open call for content and the cultivation of content around specific topics, themes, and desired outcomes. The team also works to integrate best practices and lessons learned from other successful conferences. 20-30 hours between October 2023 and February 2024
Marketing & Outreach Committee FILLED The Marketing and Outreach Committee will develop ways to reach returning and potential participants, emphasizing audience diversity for DrupalCon. Members will utilize DrupalCon brand standards and share team-crafted messages primarily via email and social media. 20-30 hours between September 2023 and May 2024
Local Ambassador Are you a Portland local, who loves your city and knows it like the back of your hand? Consider being a local ambassador! Help curate content and experiences for fellow DrupalCon attendees, and give us the inside scoop on all things Portland. 10-20 hours between January to May 2024, including on-site at DrupalCon
Translation Assistant Translation assistants will help non-English speaking and English Second Language attendees enjoy DrupalCon North America. If you speak a language other than English and would like to help others, this is the perfect role for you!  15-20 hours between January to May 2024, including at least 4 hours on-site at DrupalCon 
Summit Program Committees The Summit Program Committees will champion programming development, including interactive elements, networking, and high-quality facilitation and presentations. Summits happen during DrupalCon week and focus on key Drupal industries and the community. The program will be curated through an open call for content and intentional outreach around specific themes and desired outcomes. 25-35 hours between November 2023 and May 2024, including on-site at DrupalCon
Scholarship Mentor Mentors guide scholarship recipients through the DrupalCon journey, review participant expectations (Code of Conduct, etc.), suggest the most relevant program events to attend based on participant goals, and facilitate connections with members of the Drupal community who have similar interests. Scholarship mentors serve as Drupal ambassadors and friendly faces in an unfamiliar environment. 5-10 hours in April and May 2024, including on-site at DrupalCon 
Logistics Contributor Logistics Contributors are folks who enjoy making events happen by having high energy and a warm communication style. They will work in collaboration with our event staff to manage the registration desk, direct attendees, greet attendees, help with set-up or tear down, and assist the Conference staff as needed. 4-8 hours of on-site time at DrupalCon
Trivia Night Coordinator

Are you a fan of trivia? Join us as a Trivia Night Coordinator! This committee will help plan the famous DrupalCon Trivia Night event. Work will include creating the trivia questions and assisting with the execution and promotion of the event. The committee will also MC the event.

10 hours in April and May, including on-site at DrupalCon 

Group of volunteers at DrupalCon Amsterdam 2019

Wondering why you should allocate your team's time to volunteer for DrupalCon? Here are some of the compelling advantages for event volunteers:

  • Expand your network of open source and technology leaders in the Drupal community
  • Gain hands-on experience related to conference program planning and community engagement 
  • Earn recognition for your time and talent contribution on the event website and at the event itself (exposure for both your personal brand and your company/organization) 
  • Feel the joy of creating positive community engagement, foster a shared vision of the future of the Project, and help to drive Drupal innovation through collaboration
  • Position yourself and your organization as Drupal and open source thought leaders at the center of one of the world’s most significant and successful projects 
  • Earn official contribution credits for the Drupal project 

Photo by Josef Dabernig