It's time to vote for the official DrupalCon Portland 2024 t-shirt! Thank you so much to everyone who entered the DrupalCon Portland 2024 t-shirt design contest! We've narrowed it down to the top four designs. Now, we're asking the Drupal community to help us by voting for their favorite design.
The winner who receives the most votes will have their design on the official DrupalCon Portland 2024 t-shirt AND win a ticket to DrupalCon! Voting ends on 28 February.

Early Bird Registration for DrupalCon Portland 2024 is here! From now until 23:59 UTC on 18 March 2024, you can register during our Early Bird Registration window to receive $100 off the price of your DrupalCon Portland ticket. This window will go by quickly, so don’t wait!

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Birds of a Feather topic submission for DrupalCon Portland 2024 is now open! 

Birds of a Feather sessions are informal, small-group discussions where you will collaborate to solve problems, exchange information, share best practices, and build your network. Unlike normal sessions, BoFs are not typically led by a speaker or panel. They are more of an open discussion among participants. At DrupalCon, BoF sessions can cover a wide range of topics related to Drupal, including technical issues, business challenges, community initiatives, and more.