Room 315-316

Advanced Drupal Front-end Development

Advanced Drupal Front-end Development

Drupal’s theme system allows theme developers to have nearly complete control over the appearance of the site, including the markup, content, styles, and interactivity. In this training we’ll explore some of the powers Drupal front-end developers wield and work with real-life examples of how they’re used.

Learning Objectives

- Create custom theme settings
- Use PHP and Drupal's core APIs
- Use JavaScript and Drupal's behaviors system
- Debug & troubleshoot problems along the way


While the techniques we'll be covering are advanced, they will be taught from a low-level starting point. Attendees should have at least a basic familiarity with the languages used in Drupal to get the most out of this session (PHP, HTML, Twig, CSS, JS, YAML)


Learn advanced techniques to impact the client side presentation of your Drupal sites