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user experience, accessibility & design

Beyond WCAG Compliance: Next Steps in your Website’s Commitment to Digital Inclusion

Beyond WCAG Compliance: Next Steps in your Website’s Commitment to Digital Inclusion

Digital accessibility is not achieved by simply implementing standards, it is the outcome of a process rooted in usability and digital inclusion.
Whether you’re starting a full redesign, or are trying to improve on a legacy website, different processes can be put in place to help you better serve your audiences' ongoing needs. This talk will provide tools and tactics that can apply to organizations of all sizes and budgets, no matter how small.
We will answer questions such as:
* I feel like I’ve done my best; what more can be done?
* How do you implement accessibility considerations in every step of a redesign?
* How can internal teams be confident they are following best practices in accessibility?
* How can I ensure my site stays accessible long-term and that content editors are part of the solution?
* How can external experts help, even when your internal team is already focused on building an accessible website?
* What takes place during an accessibility audit, why is it important, and how can it be scaled to fit your organization’s size and budget?
* What makes for a good moderated user testing program?
* How can accessibility be championed internally and become part of an organization's culture?

link to slides (PDF): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1mvz1bhX7FswB5xUbZcshU6eQdx00NzEi/view?…

Learning Objectives

1. Construct a process to achieve usability and accessibility for your website
2. Sustain that level of accessibility throughout the life of a website
3. Build a resilient plan for content governance that empowers your audience and organization


Some experience trying to address digital accessibility issues


We aim to help your organization achieve greater digital inclusion with tangible processes and philosophies that help you apply them in your daily practice.