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Chopped! — Design Systems Edition

Chopped! — Design Systems Edition

Some consider design systems to be a rigid set of templates and strict rules that limit creativity and create impractical constraints. Done properly, however, a design system should enable your teams to craft new experiences, or improve existing ones, by providing a library of assets and guidance on how to use them. It is a set of building blocks intended to allow you to more easily scale and iterate your platforms.

Rather than a set of rules, we see Design Systems and component libraries as a kitchen pantry. An array of ingredients that can be combined into a multitude of flavors and dishes.

In our hyper-competitive Design System Kitchen, three participants will be chosen to see if they have what it takes to be a Design System Champion. Over 3 rounds, each competitor will be provided a basket of “secret ingredients” (a laptop preloaded w/ Figma and a design library). Each round contestants will be provided a set of requirements to create new pages using the “pantry items” (design system library and components). At the end of each round, a panel of Celebrity Designer judges will vote to determine which participant will go on, and who will be deprecated.

Learning Objectives

a) Apply a design system to create new page mockups
b) Effectively communicate the value of design systems in an enterprise setting
c) Build and evolve scalable design systems from the ground up, while also experimenting with different tools to help manage design systems


Attendees will get the most out of this session by being familiar with working with internal partners or outside agencies to produce new designs, pages, site features, and other digital applications


Matthew Dichter & Amanda Konopko host as designers compete and turn baskets of mystery components into a three-course websites on Chopped! — Design Systems Edition.