Room 315-316
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Content Governance Models: A Story of Three Websites

Content Governance Models: A Story of Three Websites

Content governance is the idea that the content strategy you create for your digital platform must stay accountable and not forgotten since your last redesign project. In order for your content strategy to succeed long-term, you need a content governance plan.

This all sounds great in theory, but what do content governance plans actually look like and what type of governance makes sense for your organization? Among the many approaches to choose from, there are pros and cons to consider and the best fit depends on your organizational needs.

In this session, we’ll talk through three governance models:

* Centralized approval - All content approval funnels through a core group that approves updates and verifies the compliance and strategy behind all content decisions and changes.
* Distributed approval - Each section or subject area has a publishing workflow with separate approvers who control publishing within their domain.
* Reactive verification - Authors are able to create and publish content freely but there are prompts in place for content review (e.g. at certain times of year, when a compliance tool signals an audit, or based on user feedback or behavior)

I’ll tell the story of how each approach plays out in real life to help you plan for applying governance to your own organization. You’ll also learn about specific tools and techniques within Drupal to implement these three models of content governance.

Learning Objectives

Select a content governance model that appropriate for your organization
Anticipate the organizational challenges of content governance and plan for them
Apply specific tools and techniques within Drupal to implement each of these three models.


Some experience working on projects with content editing teams where workflows and content approval have to be considered.


Learn what type of content governance plan makes sense for your organization, and how to implement a governance plan in Drupal.