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Core Web Vitals: Google & Tag1 Improving Drupal’s Performance, User Experience, and Your Bottom Line

Core Web Vitals: Google & Tag1 Improving Drupal’s Performance, User Experience, and Your Bottom Line

Join Google's Strategic Partner Development Manager, Brendan McNamara, and Top Drupal Contributor Janez Urevc, Tag1 Senior Engineer as they discuss Google’s Web Vitals initiative to improve UX on the web. As well as Google and Tag1’s current work in automated performance testing to the Drupal QA system, collaborating alongside Wordpress’s similar initiative.

Overview of Web Vitals
Google created Web Vitals with the goal of providing ALL users with the metrics and tools to measure, track, and deliver higher-quality sites with the best possible end user experience. Core Web Vitals is the subsection focused on the performance of your site. We’ll dig into the importance of Vitals, how you can measure and monitor performance, and how it generates better business outcomes.

Collaborating to Improve Drupal's CWV
Improving Drupal improves millions of websites which is why Google & Tag1 are working at a platform level to improve the vitals of Drupal. We’ll showcase Drupal Core enhancements that were released in the last 12 months, that you can easily take advantage of today. Highlighting development of an auto performance tuning toolchain for testing Drupal Core. Directly improving Drupal’s CWV by surfacing metrics in a visible manner, preventing regression at scale.

How to Get Involved & Improve Your Site
We’ll discuss why you too should take a platform approach, and present opportunities for you to get involved in improving Drupal, and your site's end user experience.

Learning Objectives

This session will teach you what Core Web Vitals are, how to measure them on your site and how to leverage features that we added into Drupal core to improve them. You will also learn what the current and future initiatives in this space are and how to get involved.


Attendees will get the most out of this session by being familiar with web basics (basic HTML tags, concepts, practices).


Join Google & Tag1 as they discuss Google Web Vitals, improving UX on the web, and their collaboration to revamp Drupal’s Core Vitals.