Room 301-302
drupal core

Drupal Distributions & Recipes Initiative Update

Drupal Distributions & Recipes Initiative Update

At DrupalCon Portland in April, Dries proposed a new initiative: Drupal Starter Templates. This proposal has led to the creation of the Distributions & Recipes initiative.

Recipes add value for new and existing Drupal installs by lowering the time needed to configure or install common Drupal use cases, like a blog, e-commerce, or API-based content delivery. A recipe is installed once but does not have the ongoing association and maintenance distributions bring today. And more than one recipe can be installed on a Drupal site.

This session will provide an update on the initiative. We will discuss and demonstrate the current progress and highlight the remaining efforts. We will present recipes that exist today, like the "standard profile" recipe replacement and the Thunder recipe. We will leave time for questions and discussion.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this session, attendees will be able to learn how to install Drupal recipes, create Drupal recipes, and contribute to the initiative.


Attendees will get the most out of this session by being familiar with Drupal configuration, Install Profiles, and Distributions.


Join us for and update on the Distributions & Recipes core initiative.