Room 306-307

The evolution of deployments; choosing the right workflow for your team

The evolution of deployments; choosing the right workflow for your team

The complexity of modern Drupal deployment workflows can be daunting. Developers find themselves struggling to answer the question “What is the best workflow to deploy code to the web?” The truth is there isn’t a single right answer, but rather a series of tradeoffs.Trying to copy workflows without understanding why decisions were made can end in cumbersome time consuming processes. The best workflows are the ones that complement an organization’s needs

We’ll walk through the history of web deployments to get perspective on the choices Drupal developers need to make. We’ll review what priorities should be driving workflow decisions and then look at what modern tooling can do to simplify or automate those steps for us.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this session attendees will be able to prioritize the deployment actions most important to their organization and use that to create a deployment workflow that works for their needs.


Attendees will get the most out of this session if they have some experience using Git and Composer.


Developers can find themselves struggling to implement the best deployment workflow amongst an ever changing world of DevOps tools. Instead of focusing on the tools, we’ll see how developers can build better workflows by focusing on their development needs and then using those to drive tooling.