Room 324
user experience, accessibility & design

Ignite: Our Approach to Design Systems and Faster Site-Building

Ignite: Our Approach to Design Systems and Faster Site-Building

Do you ever feel like you’re reinventing the wheel when starting a new website project? How many times have you designed or built the same set of components or the same basic page layouts? There has to be a better way, right? We might have found one.

After countless years of starting every project like it’s our first time, we’ve developed an approach that streamlines design and development, improves collaboration across disciplines and lets you build cool things faster.

In this session, you’ll learn how to create a foundational UI kit in design that can be built into a well-structured design system and integrated with Drupal. This frees up time to focus on custom-development of larger projects or creating lightning-fast speed to market for smaller ones.

We’ll discuss:
- UI kits for designers and developers
- Best practices for building a well-structured foundational design system
- Efficiencies gained from using this approach on small projects, large sites and everything in between

(Sponsored by Mediacurrent)

Learning Objectives

Explain the difference between a UI kit, a design system and a component library and how each are used in the process of design and development
Summarize the benefits of using design systems, grid systems and component libraries
Apply design system to new web projects across design and development


Familiarity with the basic concepts of user experience design, Awareness of design tools like Figma, Sketch or Adobe XD, Awareness of front-end tools like Storybook or Patternlab, Familiarity with designing and building for Drupal


Why do we keep reinventing the wheel when we start new web projects? What if there was a better way to expedite your process without compromising design or development? We might have found it.