Room 301-302
drupal core

Introducing Automatic Updates in Drupal core

Introducing Automatic Updates in Drupal core

By the time you arrive in Pittsburgh, the initial version of Automatic Updates should be in the Drupal core 10.1 beta. Maintaining Drupal sites is about to get a whole lot easier, and this session will contain everything you need to know to start taking advantage of this long-awaited feature.

We'll talk about:
* What Automatic Updates does and doesn't do, and how to get what you need out of it
* A high-level explanation of how it works
* How to make sure your site is ready to use automatic updates
* How your code can customize or extend automatic updates
* FYIs and known pitfalls

But there's more to this than just updating core – we'll also tell you how to use the contributed Automatic Updates Extensions module to keep your site's modules and themes secure and up-to-date.

Learning Objectives

- Set up Automatic Updates on your site
- Receive automated security updates
- Hook into and customize the update process


Basic Drupal knowledge; should be able to install and set up a Drupal site


Automatic Updates is coming to Drupal core. Learning everything you need to know to use it on your sites.