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Keynote: Women in Tech and Tech Leadership Today

Keynote: Women in Tech and Tech Leadership Today

Open Source origin stories seem to start in many places, often not in computer science classrooms. Whatever you bring to the table, you can make our technology and community more valuable.

In this session — and with 20/20 hindsight — Jess Romeo will talk about her (perfectly logical, straight-line) path from studying English Literature at University to where she is now, leading a sizable digital publishing team and technology stack in a global technology enterprise.

*As a female leader, a unique perspective will be shared and discussed. A path forward for women with an interest in tech leadership will be explored, as will individual experiences of the session audience.

Learning Objectives

1. To instill a fresh perspective on navigating the many paths to tech leadership in a present & post-COVID world

2. To discuss the benefits of women in tech leadership and how those looking to pursue that path may go about doing so

3. To discuss the many positions that exist within tech for those with both traditional and non-traditional degrees with a special focus on those either returning to the field or joining for the first time


An interest in tech leadership, a desire to learn about different positions within tech that may not be code-focused, a wish to make other female contacts within the community


Jess Romeo, Director of Web Publishing Platforms as Pfizer, discusses the rewards and challenges in tech leadership today as well as non-traditional paths vs. traditional ones for those who identify as female.