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In for the Long Haul: supporting and growing living sites in the post Drupal 8 landscape

In for the Long Haul: supporting and growing living sites in the post Drupal 8 landscape

Palantir.net has provided support services for Drupal clients since the Drupal 5 era. With the release of Drupal 8 and the promise of easier upgrade paths, came an increased longevity to projects necessitating a change in how we deliver value on an ongoing basis. The Drupal space had changed - and it became clear we would need to change with it: enter the Continuous Delivery Portfolio (CDP).

Instead of just focusing on routine support and maintenance tasks, we learned how to work alongside our clients to plan for the long term and ensure that their sites continue to grow and evolve alongside the needs of their organizations.

To accomplish this, we needed to redefine our mindset and reevaluate existing practices. We made it a priority to focus on these changes by adopting a growth mindset, fostering psychological safety, and implementing new ways of working with ourselves and our clients.

Attend this session to hear how we:

* Assessed and addressed our areas of improvement,
* Approached technical challenges, including site setup and managing dependencies,
* Implemented new ways to bring strategic thinking to our clients, and
* Strove to create a psychologically safe environment.

Learning Objectives

How to work with your clients to develop a living roadmap to plan for expected (and unexpected!) work in the future.

How to plan for keeping your technology stack and dependency chain updated.

How to incorporate new ways of working, such as: consent based decision making, working agreements, and blameless postmortems; to continuously improve psychological safety and support a healthy team dynamic.


Entry level experience with Drupal and/or delivering value to clients


Since the launch of Drupal 8, we are supporting sites with a much longer life than before. This has required a mindset of growth, innovation, and new ways of working within our team and with our clients.