Room 310-311
content & marketing

Marketers are our future; how to get them to choose Drupal.

Marketers are our future; how to get them to choose Drupal.

Many of us have heard at recent DrupalCon and Drupal events that Drupal needs to be (and is working towards being) more marketer-friendly, along with the need to "Promote Drupal" echoed in the last few Driesnotes. The issue with this is we are a technical-heavy community, therefore often the message isn’t getting any further than these events.

This session will cover what marketers really look for when selecting a CMS and how we (as marketers) suggest moving this initiative forward. It is an opportunity to pick the brains of a team of experts from various Drupal-focused agencies who personally use the CMS as non-technical web managers and promote Drupal in their day-to-day to those looking to move to the platform, along with providing marketing consulting to some of the largest organizations that already choose Drupal.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this session, attendees will:
- be able to focus their approach to helping promote Drupal
- be able to better understand marketers and their needs when selecting whether to invest in Drupal
- encourage their peers to promote Drupal to the wider tech community


Attendees will get the most out of this session by being familiar with Drupal and the need to promote outside of the community in order to continue to build & grow.


Join a panel of Drupal Marketers as they look to identify some actionable ways in which the community can help to Promote Drupal and continue to grow.