Room 310-311
site building

Schema.org Blueprints for Drupal

Schema.org Blueprints for Drupal

This presentation is for anyone who has created a website using Drupal and is interested in discovering a standardized, simpler, and faster way to model and build a website's content and information architecture.

The Drupal community's current approach is to create a site using varying practices and then define the Schema.org types on top of the 'custom' content architecture. The Schema.org Blueprints module turns this current Schema.org-last approach around and explores what a site creation experience would look like if we take a Schema.org-first approach to building a site's content architecture leveraging Schema.org's schemas for structuring data.

This presentation will explore and answer…

- What is Schema.org?
- What is Schema.org-first approach?
- What is the Schema.org Blueprints module?
- What are the goals of the Schema.org Blueprints module?
- What are the benefits of the Schema.org Blueprints module?
- What is next for the Schema.org Blueprints module?

Learning Objectives

Use Schema.org as the standardized and easier-to-maintain foundation for building progressively decoupled applications with perfect data structures (Schema.org), pristine APIs (JSON:API), and great SEO (JSON-LD).


An understanding of how to to plan and build a website using Drupal.


Schema.org Blueprints: The fastest way to build standardized content models in Drupal.