Room 323
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Security Team Panel - D7 End of Life Q&A

Security Team Panel - D7 End of Life Q&A

At this panel the Drupal Security team will address one of the community's key questions: What is the future of Drupal 7 support?

The security team will also present topics from their work promoting a more secure Drupal project. The team will also talk about how they recruit new members, refinements to their process, and what you can do to support Drupal security.

A large portion of time will be reserved for question and answer.

Learning Objectives

Apply newfound knowledge of Drupal security practices to your internal security organization.

Develop your internal plan for managing Drupal 7 properties they still support.

Take your first steps towards joining the Drupal security team, if that interests you.


(optional) Read about the Drupal security team: https://www.drupal.org/drupal-security-team


Meet the Drupal Security team and learn about security in Drupal. In particular, join us to ask your question about Drupal 7's end of life.