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Selling file downloads and certificates through Drupal Commerce

Selling file downloads and certificates through Drupal Commerce

Drupal Commerce is one of the few eCommerce platforms in the world developed as native extension of a Content Management System. Unlike the "bolt on" solutions provided by other CMS vendors, Commerce Core uses the exact same APIs that Drupal uses for content management to define products, protect private files, identify users, and manage access rights. This makes it a perfect fit for a variety of digital commerce use cases!

‣ Audio / video file download sales and licensing
‣ Standards documentation in hard copy vs. PDF download
‣ Continuing education certification via online quizzes

In each of these cases based on real world implementations, merchants are able to combine features of Drupal itself with modules in the Drupal Commerce ecosystem (like Commerce File) to create highly capable digital commerce platforms.

Attend this session to see how it's done and to learn how you can use optional configuration in Commerce Kickstart to get a head start on your next digital commerce project.

Learning Objectives

1. Learn the various digital commerce use cases supported by Drupal Commerce.
2. Understand what modules provide functionality out of the box vs. where you'll be expected to customize a feature.
3. Learn how to use Commerce Kickstart to accelerate a premium file downloads site.


Understanding basic eCommerce requirements and platforms available


Drupal Commerce taps into core features of Drupal itself to support common file and license sales use cases. Attend this session to learn how to kickstart your next digital commerce project.