Birds of a Feather Submissions are open

Birds of a Feather topic submission for DrupalCon Portland 2024 is now open! 

Birds of a Feather sessions are informal, small-group discussions where you will collaborate to solve problems, exchange information, share best practices, and build your network. Unlike normal sessions, BoFs are not typically led by a speaker or panel. They are more of an open discussion among participants. At DrupalCon, BoF sessions can cover a wide range of topics related to Drupal, including technical issues, business challenges, community initiatives, and more.

Have a Birds of a Feather topic you'd like to host at DrupalCon Portland? Submit your topic now!

Submissions will be accepted and scheduled until all time slots are filled. 

Birds of a Feather sessions occur throughout the conference and may co-occur with other programming. The schedule will be posted one month before the conference, and write-in slots will be available on-site for ad hoc BoFs.