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Beyond Inclusion: Doing the Right Thing, Drupal-Style

Beyond Inclusion: Doing the Right Thing, Drupal-Style

A sense of belonging makes the difference between who stays and who leaves. Inside Drupal we have a variety of viewpoints and personalities: we have ample opportunities to build strength, empathy, & resilience together.

Last year we shared tips on how to foster inclusion at the workplace: Beyond Inclusion - Building a Culture of True Equity: Pittsburgh 2023.

We'll use this session to go in-depth into mechanisms those of us in the Drupal ecosystem can use to do more of the right thing systemwide.

1) #diversity-inclusion Slack channel https://drupal.slack.com/archives/C1BCR7XL6

2) Code of Conduct https://www.drupal.org/dcoc

3) Community Working Group https://www.drupal.org/community/cwg and Incident Report Form https://www.drupal.org/community/cwg/incident-report

4) Reaching out to the Drupal Association At-Large Board members

We’ll review four “sticky scenarios” to explore concrete processes and procedures that promote safety, autonomy, and empathy in our community. We’ll explore and engage how to handle:

* a teammate will not work on a project because of religious or moral objections

* a developer at your client’s company attempts to flirt with you, with increasing demands, through company-owned communications (increasingly demanding Slack DMs)

* a direct report put comments on social media displaying confidential company information

* a public petition circulates against a partner company

We’ll bring up other situations you’ve faced in your work within Drupal.